Thursday, September 29, 2005

Steve Gilliard Nails It

There's no point in me even bothering to say anything - the brother says all that needs to be said, in response to a Handkerchief Head named "Z. Dwight Billingsley" who has stepped up to defend Massa Bush's performance -- through his cronies at FEMA -- in response to Katrina.

You have to wonder what crack his parents were smoking when Mr. Billingsleys' parents named him; a ponderous name like that is almost child abuse to lay on a young Black man unless he's growing up in one of those neighborhoods where he was the *only* Black child; perhaps this is why he himself has now become an abuser, referring to his own people trapped in poverty as flotsam.

Steve Gilliard's smackdown is here:

The Gollums Among Us

As I said, no point me bothering to say anything (other than You Go, Brother.) He came correct far better than I ever could have.


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