Thursday, September 29, 2005

Bill Bennett's Declaration of War

Listen to it yourself:

Bill Bennett's Call to Abort Black Babies to "Reduce Crime"

I take these remarks, in light of the Wall Street Journal's choice to publish that eugencist asshole Charles Murray's equally sick screed (which conveniently can't be found online right now due to "technical difficulties" - yeah RIGHT, WSJ) so here's a link to the best available alternative (you might have to scroll down a bit) as a declaration of war.

A declaration of war against the interests of African-Americans.

For my brothers and sisters who are proud of their Republican registrations: I look forward to your tearing Messrs. Bennett and Murray (as well as the corporate sponsors of their animalistic voices, the Wall Street Journal and Salem Radio Network) new assholes by the morning.

For my brothers and sisters who are sick and tired of this bullshit going down and the only response from those so-called "caring" whites is to whinge, rather than to go nuclear, ask yourselves:

At what point have we reached a place where "The Fire Next Time?" is an appropriate, justifiable response? Are we there? Lord knows it feels like it. Seems as if nothing else gets through to some people.

(Yes, this post is very angry. The Sapphire in me is not only burning brightly, it will immolate in all likelihood. But right now my patience with all pontifications white (in political spirit -- whether the rabid right or the pansyass excuse-making left --not in literal flesh) has now, in light of Katrina and the degradation of our people by our own government, officially run out.

No doubt I'll feel better later. Right now? You just don't want to know.

Dr. King, I know that you are rolling over in your grave right now, and not just because of the violence of my emotions. But even you, I know, are asking: Brothers Malcolm, H.Rap and Huey; Sister Joanne and Angela, where are you now that your people really need you?


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