Sunday, September 25, 2005

Less is More!

I've finally figured out these "Stay the Course" warmongers. More than that: I could have never come up with a brilliant political strategy such as that being shown by supporters of the Iraq War to prove how much support exists for their views.

For example, it appers that Republithugs really are anti-hand-out.......especially when the hand-out is going to be used to fix the toy that they encouraged their President to break - the country of Iraq. After a month-long private fundraising appeal led by none other than the President Dubbya himself for the reconstruction of Iraq he has set a new record:


It is also clear that public demonstrations are beneath them; solely for the rabble, not for those who *really* represent the majority of citizen opinion in the United States. Although at least 100,000 folks who clearly had nothing better to do were roaming the streets of Washington D.C. yesterday complaining about the Iraq War, including a Kossack who was campaigning for Bill Clinton as First Lady in 2008, those who *really* represent the grassroots chose to emphasize the power that is their (ir)rational thinking using just 400 carefully selected voices, not including the more than 1/2 dozen (that's 6, for those who don't do math) that carried the majority voice for the President into our local den of inquity here in San Francisco's Dolores Park against the unwashed proletariat, whose 20,000 strong really need to get a job.

Really, who needs 120,000 voices to represent the majority when only 406 (give or take a few) and $600 do just as good a job for the President??

There's fiscal responsibility in action, make no mistake. Less is indeed more.



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