Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Color of Change

I'm not big on on-line petitions, usually. They are too anonymous, too safe, normally to have any meaning.

But this one, I signed. Because the message is straightforward, simple, and a needed one - targeted to African Americans:

Kanye was Right

So click on the link, sign and pass it on if you agree after what you say in N'awlins (forget what's going on in Texas, despite the carefully released images of the Defense Department who suddenly found C5's that were totally absent from New Orleans to fly our folk out of Beaumont tied in like slaves on a slave ship; an image which I will write about at some point).

There are 39,000,000 of "Us" in this country. Getting 250,000 of us to sign a petition should not be all that difficult. And this message is one that Black folks need to carry their own water on.


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