Saturday, September 17, 2005

From the Rains, Sunshine

The circle of life, to hear it told, is one of death and renewal. From the depths of despair, God willing, one finds hope. If we didn't hope, after all, too many days folks simply could not go on.

So, out of the horrors of New Orleans and Katrina, here's a link to a story of hope, springing eternal as it always does, through love that I found in the Times Picayune:

Katrina Double Wedding Today

No matter how down and out we feel, Life indeed goes on. And that is a blessing, since we are indeed not promised tomorrow. So even as we continue to rant and rail at the jackbooted incompetence of our leadership's loss of New Orleans for the forseeable future, let's raise our cyber glasses to the newlyweds, who clearly have seen hell, come back and realized that together they can face whatever life throws at them stronger together than they can face it alone.


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