Friday, September 02, 2005

Mayor Nagin Remembers Who He is - And Goes Truth to Power

Listen to this - all 12 minutes of it. It is an interview with Mayor Nagin of N'Awlins, on his local radio, this morning:


And ask yourself the same questions he is:

Why the hell are FEMA heads doing press conferences while there are still not enough resources helping folks?

Why is it that there has to be a formal "process" to request help for what Mayor Nagin rightly calls "the biggest crisis in our goddamned country" when we could get 8 billion "lickety split" for Iraq and they didn't even ask us to be there?

Why is it that our government is LYING TO US, saying that they are doing things and fixing things that the Mayor of New Orleans -- the man on the ground, who knows better than anyone -- says have not been done, have not been fixed?

And why it is that the Mayor of one of the greatest cities in the United States is reduced after 5 days to the weary rage he demonstrates in this interview? What does it say when a man, a leader, is reduced to going to the well and breaking down in tears because he knows he cannot save his own people without help that seems to be taking the slow boat around the world at the same time that at least a dozen countries have said they can be here and can help in 24 hours?????


At 3:10 PM, Blogger daphne said...

Seriously, it's like he's being told he didn't put the right cover page on the 'tps report' and re-do it before he sends it in again. Does anyone in the federal government, FEMA, anyone watch tv or read the newspaper?! He's been begging for federal help, any help, on national tv for days. I guess that doesn't count as asking for help from the federal government. Oh, here's something, maybe he's too busy fighting off the thugs and saving someone's grandma's life to put the request in writing in triplicate like a good mayor should.

(You don't know me, I found you via Daily Kos.)

At 4:40 PM, Blogger Shanikka said...

That goshdarned TPS report. I never get that thing right.

Thank goodness I'm just a private citizen.

Ted Koppel asked Chernoff precisely the question you raise (doesn't anyone watch TV or read the paper?) last night when that liar said, with a straight face, that the federal government did not know about the second, primary, evacuation location designated by Nagin before the hurricane. Paraphrasing Koppel, who for a brief moment looked like the reporter he *used* to be, long ago:

Don't you have a TV? Don't you listen to the radio? Read the paper?

The spin has already begun in force, though. And the spin is:

"It's all the mayor's fault."

Nice to know that we can still predict the Republithug playbook. /sigh

P.S. Nice to meet you and thanks for posting! =)


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