Thursday, September 01, 2005

Political Handwringing Later, Open Hearts NOW

The devastation wrought upon New Orleans and the Gulf of Mississippi is apparent to everyone. There will be months and years of recriminations, blame, rage - rightly or wrongly.

But now is not the time. Now is the time to help, something that no matter how selfish we get when things are good, individual Americans are really good at when things are not. Here are some sites to show that the lost are not alone - for each of us to help in whatever we can - particularly to donate money and a place to stay for the millions being displaced for God knows how long:

Wiki Katrina Portal: a central repository for information about everything from where you can donate, to where you can volunteer to help, even to man phone lines as those still trapped try to let folks know they need rescue. Bookmark it.

Red Cross - for once Dubbya got it right. The Red Cross needs CASH, all that you can spare. I spared all my birthday money since at least I know I still have a home to see my next birthday. God knows how many don't, and who are wandering in the dark, or sitting in the dark, hungry and alone.

Katrina Home - homesharing registry that appears to be extremely well organized. For those that have the space to take in a boarder, or a family, or even pay for a motel room once they open back up. Do it.

Nola Homes' List - another homesharing registry, more local to the region although folks are posting offering their homes as far away right now as Costa Rica.

And, for those who are not up for donating by phone or online, there is my hero store, Costco, friend to the working class all over America. Costco is matching, dollar for dollar, every donation that is made in one of their stores for the foreseeable future. Buy Costco. And give what you can.


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