Saturday, April 15, 2006

I Don't Mind Playing a Faint Second Fiddle

To a wonderful lady, Ms. Maryscott O'Connor, who has so embodied the anger, frustration, disbelief and eloquence of the progressive left throughout the blogosphere that she earned the high honor of being profiled in today's Washington Post:

The Left, Online, and Outraged

Forget the big boys who manage to get famous analyzing the political process and political parties without really understanding how to analyze and talk to *people*. Em-sock, as the denizens of the My Left Community sometimes call her, gets it. She understands that it is OK to be passionate, OK to be principled, and damned fine American to fight back. Maryscott O'Connor is the fire-in-the-belly, the speak-your-mind and damned the torpedos, the tell-the-truth about America because you love Ameriac fighter that we need if we're ever going to scrub clean the sickness that has overtaken this country and our government since George W. Bush was anointed Emperor aka President of the United States. Other folks are getting famous as "strategists." Maryscott is getting famous as a fighter. Considering what American history says about which types of people tend to change the world, we could all learn from her approach.

So head on over to My Left Wing today and say hello to Maryscott. (P.S. NEVER call her "Mary".) Give her kudos. Give her congratulations. If you have blogs, give her a reach-around. Give her support when she's hearing for the 1,000th time that there is a "right way" to fight politically and she's just not doing it that "right way". She's someone you want to keep an eye on. You'll certainly have lots of opportunity, since unlike those who criticize her, she's spending increasing time on radio and television talking about her principles, her opinion, why we as Americans should share them where Dubbya is concerned, and why we should Just Say No to Bush's America.

As for me, I was flattered beyond belief to see words that I had written even appear in the article. Not to mention tickled. It was a nice thing to have that little acknowledgment that maybe I'm not a crazy woman after all (sort of like all the Koufax nominations, which I'm still in awe over). It's especially encouraging, given that I have been so overwhelmed with litigating a particularly nasty case for the past 2 months that all my blogging has been reduced to shout-outs and an occasional poorly-thought out opinion. The post that was quoted in the article is one of the last things I have been able to write, given my work and the fact that when the choice is blog or bill, any lawyer who wants to keep their license had better start billing.

But I'll be back again, one of these days, to write my own words again, never as eloquent as Maryscott's to be sure, but my own small contribution to the fight for the country I love and the values I was told it embodied. If I ever get out of depositions, that is!

(P.S. Thank you, Mr. Finkel).


At 9:03 AM, Blogger john said...

Keep at 'em! I found you by way of My Left Wing which I found by way of the Washington Post article.
(which I wish they had entitled - a Passionate Blogger Draws Wide Attention

At 9:41 AM, Blogger Shanikka said...

Thanks! If work would just let up a little, I'll do just that.

And yes, I agree with you the title could have been better. Although I'm not as afraid of the words "Angry" or "Outraged" as many people are. Both emotions are not only normal human emotions, they can be quite constructive as impetus to action. Oeople like MSOC are a good example of the constructive side of outrage.

Nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by!

At 10:17 AM, Blogger RenaRF said...

Shanikka - I figured this would be a good way to contact you.

I just thought I'd let you know - I thought of you while watching Real Time with Bill Maher this weekend. His panel guests were Barney Frank, Sir Ian McKellen, and Michel Martin. They discuss everything topical, of course. And one of the subject areas was immigration.

Michel Martin was very quick to point out to Maher as well as the other panelists that it is unfair to discuss what is fair for the illegal worker population until we have addressed the fact that it is unfair that wages for African Americans of lower incomes are held down by the illegal worker population. I immediately thought of you, and kudos to Michel for bringing it up.

There are no easy answers to this whole immigration issue. I'll only get on board when someone, somewhere, makes a serious attemtp to address the deep policy changes necessary for a solid immigration strategy, rather than just shove electon year politics at me. ((sigh))

At 1:46 PM, Blogger misneach said...

I do genuinely eagerly await your return to this political discourse.
I feel the need to point out, however, that you should not (at random) pick someone to be the one you vent a week of pent up frustrations to. Especially when that person's political views are more or less in line with yours.
My family, by the way, were all immigrants to America. Some "legal", some not.

At 3:26 PM, Blogger Shanikka said...

Dear Msneach:

Generally, it is the height of rude to take a debate out of the house it began in, to some where else, merely because you wish the last word but don't want it publicly where those who watched the debate unfold can see it. That is how I feel finding this here, devoid of context as it necessarily is by your choice of forum in which to continue. I am not deleting your comment outright only because I wish you to see this. I tried to respond by reply e-mail, but it failed.

P.S. Hi, Rena - I wrote to you in e-mail. Let me know if you got it.


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