Thursday, February 09, 2006

Flipping Like a Flapjack

Or is that singing like a canary?

Ahh, Libby. Libby Libby Libby. Anyone with half a brain knew that your ratting out your master at the top of the White House Food Chain was only a matter of time after you got arrested. Let's be clear: you're dumb, trading away the social standing from what by all accounts was a highly lucrative (even if slightly immoral, given some of your clients and your role in the Project for a New American Century) legal career just to provide some temporary legal cover for The Man and his lackies. But even you're not completely stupid. Jail's fugly. Besides, you probably actually want to practice law again someday (even if the DC Bar, like most State Bars, has little sympathy when it comes to things like perjury and obstruction of justice -- both crimes of moral turpitude making you presumptively unfit to hold a license as an attorney) and as we all know, the first thing the Bar looks for when determining what to do with a disgraced attorney is how he tried to make up for his wrongs.

So the singing is, in the end, no surprise. But tell us, Scooter (or may I call you Libby?) - what was the proverbial last straw?

Was it the fact that someone got some 'splainin to do because of all those missing White House e-mails about Joe and Valerie Plame Wilson and that such an explanation was likely to sell poorly to your criminal jury, given that neither special prosecutors nor grand juries want to hear anything that even remotely sounds like the word spoliation?

Was it because with the release of new documents this week, it has now become inarguable that Valerie Plame Wilson was a covert operative (making disclosure of her employment at the CIA to persons with no security clearance, like Judith Miller, a crime?)

Was it Fitzgerald's decision to unseal part of the record relating to Judy Miller's grand jury subpoena, leading to the DC Circuit's reissuance of a less-redacted version of the appeals court decision that sent Ms. Miller to jail ? The one which discloses in broad daylight that Ari Fleischer came about as close to making you out as a liar as possible short of actually naming you one?

Or was it that the same less-redacted decision hinted of this truth that you now seem to want to use as a bargaining chip to save your own ass:

That Richard B. Cheney, Vice President of the United States himself both authorized and *encouraged* you to disclose the identity of a covert operative working to protect our country to persons not possessing the necessary security clearance?

Inquiring minds want to know.


At 9:17 PM, Blogger Elle said...

Shanikka, just wanted to let you know that I quoted from your response on the CRT site about whether or not white women should do CRT. I don't know all the rules of blog citing, but I linked and gave full credit. thanks!


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