Wednesday, March 01, 2006

No Wonder He Carried His Ass to India

Obviously Bush knows when to haul ass.  I guess he figured he was politically safer being outside in India (although you have to love their welcome wagon, after poll numbers like these and while the newspapers are reporting that his own subordinate, John Negroponte is now publicly admitting what anyone with 1/3 of a brain stem knew was likely before we bum rush invaded Iraq for no damned reason 3 years ago - civil war in Iraq may indeed be on its way, with worldwide risks because of resultant regional instability:
If chaos were to descend upon Iraq or the forces of democracy were to be defeated in that country ... this would have implications for the rest of the Middle East region and, indeed, the world.

(Thank you, Mr. Negroponte, for telling us the obvious.  You shit-eating power-enslaved human rights violation supporting monkey.)
In honor of this "Tell us Something We *Don't* Know news about Iraq and its slide into civil war, I have written an open letter to President George W. Bush.  Here it is:
Dear Mr. President:

Congratulations, Mr. President. As the late Richard Pryor's grandmother told him when he flushed $1600 of cocaine down the toilet:
You dumb motherfucker!.....You don't have sense enough to pour piss out of a boot with the directions on the bottom!

But the truth is what it is, no matter how many times you stick your ugly-ass chimp head in the sand so you don't have to see reality rushing to bite you (and, unfortuntely, by extension all of us in terms of world economic standing and world opinion) in the ass and say stupid shit like this:
"I don't buy your premise that there's going to be a civil war."

Yeah, and I don't buy the premise that America needed to invade a sovereign nation that hadn't fucked with us first, either, but I have to live with that premise at present. What's your excuse?
You can't hide from the truth, Dubbya. You also can't hide from yourself. And it is YOU, Mr. President, that you need to run from.  Because you are the problem.  You destroy everything you touch professionally when you're left to do what you want.  Everything.  (How many people's companies lose money investing in oil in Texas for God's sake??!).  You've destroyed Iraq.  Some could make a pretty convincing case that you're about to destroy America if you haven't already (news travels slow in The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave when it comes to "it can't happen here - but it has".)
Do you, Mr. Bush, have *any* fucking clue about how utterly stupendous your lifelong failures are at this point? Most people learn from their mistakes, but you seem instead to be hell bent on finding new ways to make them, except with bigger and better toys.  Like your toy, the formerly sovereign nation of Iraq.  Unfortunately, where Iraq is concerned you appear to be setting new speed records breaking this particular toy - an entire country - by bringing it to what appears to be inevitable civil war all by your lonesome.
As my late mother always said:  Hard head totes a soft ass.  Your ass must be soft as the Pillsbury Dough Boy by now, Mr. Hard Head.  In terms of both opinion polls and the actual results of your He-Man invasion of Iraq, it is clear that you are getting your ignorance and stubbornness handed back to you on two fronts now served up on a rather out-of-control platter.  Here'a  free safety tip:  Denying reality doesn't change reality.  No matter how many times media members of your cult of personality come up with every reason under the sun to say you're being treated unfairly by pollsters.  The reality is that Iraq is now a failed war crime committed in our name.  The reality is that our country's economy is nearly destroyed, and the American dream destroyed too for anyone who actually works for a living.  Our idealism is nearly gone too.
But numbers like those in the CBS poll give me hope, however, unrealistic, that we might just save the country from you yet.  If we fight back. 
So I wanted to let you know I'm fighting back.  And that I have friends.
My advice to you, Mr. President, is that you'd better start asking Daddy what you're going to be doing if you get booted out of the White House early, as more and more voices are demanding.  After all, we all know that you've never been able to get or keep a job on your own, and have regularly been propped up by his help, his money, and his friends.  Let's face it - you're such an incompetent and arrogant mutha that your daddy appears to have embraced your sworn political enemy as the son he always wanted, instead of you.

Perhaps it's time you just faced up to the fact that you're a fuck up, sir.



P.S.  Yes, I'm pissed at you.  Headlines like Headlines like this one, and this one and  THIS ONE make me cranky.  You dumb motherfucker.  Don't like it? You know where I am.  Come git me.  I know you've been listening to my babygirl and I diss your ass 2x a week on our international calls anyway.  That's why we joke about whether we'll end up in the same torture camp in Syria despite being extraordinarily rendered from two different places.


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