Friday, July 22, 2005

Women Are Sometimes Our Own Worst Enemies - Part II

As I was saying.....


(Women are indeed moving up in the world I guess, when they are described as the "ringleaders" of an immigrant sexual slavery business /snark).

Where are the freedom fighters against patriarcy and oppression of women? Why are none quoted in this article? Is it the Times engaging yet again in male supremacy bias? Or is it that this type of exploitation is off the radar since, after all, this does not appear to have anything to do with the right to choice? If you listen to the echo chamber, it seems that this is all that matters politically to women's groups, now.

But the economic and sexual exploitation of young girls is a well-known global crisis. It does not appear to be improving - indeed, it continues apace, both in war zones and in the most peaceful places, such as New Jersey. If women don't start making it more of a rhetorical priority in our fight, we have ourselves as much to blame for its continuation as men.


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