Wednesday, July 20, 2005

It Pays to Be Loyal to Right-Wing Ideology

Well, well, well.

Not Gonzales. Not Garza. But instead, John Roberts, Jr. Of DC Appellate Circuit fame, gets the nod:

John G. Roberts, Jr.

A candidate who will sail to confirmation, all of his anti-women, anti-minority, anti-labor views notwithstanding, since of all the names bandied about, Roberts is clearly the smartest, the youngest, and the most ideologically consistent with Bush's base on all issues corporate while also being and the closest to the model of the stealth candidate that has become the fashion since Robert Bork:

Roberts' Picked for both Brain and Stealth

I haven't done skimming Roberts' published decisions yet but I have read his bio and clearly, this appointment of a young, completely partisan political active is a reward for 20 years of steadfast loyalty to the right-wing ideology that has taken over our country today. Unlike Gonzales, Roberts has no association with the Iraq War, Bush's achilles heel at the moment. Unfortunately, unlike Gonzales, Roberts has made very clear what will happen to a woman's right to choose if he gets in the position to be a deciding vote.

Never let it be said that Bush forgets those who have been his family's political friends. He clearly doesn't.

The more interesting thing, perhaps, will be how the this particular nomination tests the ill-advised "filibuster deal" that created the new "extraordinary circumstances" standard for opposition to judicial nominees.


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