Wednesday, August 01, 2007

My Second Home @ Maat's Feather

Has been a long time in thought, almost as long in deed, and finally has got enough sheetrock up on it for me to invite company over.

So this tiny post is to announce the launch today of a new, Afrocentric, community blog space, Maat's Feather, and to invite those interested in Black voices and Black dialogue on all things political and non- to come set a spell. This new blog is not intended to replace Political Sapphire; I'll still be posting essays here, same as always, hopefully more than I have in the past year. But essays written alone don't spur thought or thought testing. Only dialogue does, with those of like mind, and not-so-like mind. And I hope that's what takes place there, over time. I hope that in creating a place where that can happen, it will happen. We need it to happen.

Because IMO, Black folks are running out of time to renew our dialogue with each other. A dialogue with others is simply not enough.


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