Monday, August 27, 2007

Alberto Gonzales - Latest Rat to Abandon the Ship

One of the fun things about being a crack-of-dawn person (even today, on my birthday) is that sometimes you get greeted with news that can't help but make you grin from ear to ear.

The resignation of the disgrace with a law license known as the (now former) Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is one of them.

The most telling part of the New York Times' article is that "Bush accepted [the resignation] begrudgingly."

This tells me that despite his apparent willingness to perjure himself before Congress; despite glad endorsement of torture; despite his cold-blooded justification of spying on Americans (and everyone else too); despite his zealous pursuit of the federal death penalty even over the concerns of his own prosecutors; and despite his willingess to trash the government careers of good lawyers solely because they did not follow his Party's party line, Gonzales hadn't yet completely lost his sense of personal survival. 

Perhaps like Karl Rove, his resignation over the objections of George Bush is clearly the act of a man who saw that he'd better get while the getting is good.  (Not that this absolves him from perjury but knowing the historical temperament of Congress, they are less likely to pursue him if he's gone.)  Gonzales' former master President George W. Bush may still be drunk on the elixir he quaffs as So-Called Leader of the Free World, but Gonzales apparently hadn't forgotten that big ass bullseye painted across his forehead while they were drinking their asses off, and decided that he'd better get sober before he ended up in the drunk tank.

(Although I think they call that federal prison......)

A lot of folks are going to lament today that the Democratic Party didn't "get" Gonzales and be angry.  I am not angry.  Since I am not about retribution, I am about saving the country from its descent into a rogue state.  So the more of these anti-American architects and masters of George Bush's fascist-in-training government pick up and leave, the greater the chance we might actually get our country back.

I won't even spend time talking about the shame and disgrace that Alberto Gonzales is as a person of color who was given so much blessing given his humble origins as the son of migrant workers, only to have chosen to use it to do evil in the world for the benefit of the white and the wealthy instead of those from whence he came, such that despite all of his awards from various minority Bar Associations, he ends his government career with his name forever remembered as a giant blot on this nation's fundamental principles of justice under the law. I'll let someone else far more eloquent have at that one.


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