Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Cold Hearted Congressional Inaction

If the Republican-controlled Congress under Dubbya has been consistent about anything since 2005, it is their delivery of this message:

Fuck the poor.

This week's "fuck off" comes in the form of their two-week vacation recess occurring without Congress appropriating any money to assist poor families with their heating bills this winter. Money that was promised in the Spring, and repromised again after Katrina.

But, as the Times editorial lamenting Congress' failure to pass the home heating bill noted today:

Congressional leaders have also failed to stress the issue, even as they have vowed to move heaven and earth to pass more tax cuts for investors - at a cost that far exceeds the cost of adequate heating aid.

Move heaven and earth to give some wealthy people a tax cut they don't need, at a far greater cost than it would require to ensure that nobody freezes to death this winter.

Perhaps these folks are not worried about this issue for themselves because it's awfully warm in hell. Where anybody voting against this subsidy belongs.


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