Monday, June 13, 2005

What in the Hell Am I Doing????

Originally posted 6/10/05 at Ma'at's Feather

Well, I finally took the plunge into the moving surf that my toe has been dipping in for over a year. I started a "blog."

What on earth does that mean? I guess it means that I have come -- or am trying to come -- full circle. To reintroduce, without fear, the little Brooklyn Black 6 year old womanchild who once readily put forth the maelstrom of her thoughts about everything to the womanist that has emerged following the next 38 years of being friend, lover, wife, mother, activist, scribe, lawyer and political blog participant.

It's a scary process, coming "home" in that sense.

What prompted this? Well, it's either a sense of impending mortality I never possessed before, a frustration that I have a lot to say but precious few to say it to in more than passing snippets, or, perhaps most fundamentally, a sense that I was writing my thoughts, my opinions, my political self, to expand everyone's thought process but my own. On other blogs. Chiming in as a voice, whether seen as harmonious or discordant, instead of singing my own lead based on my own experience. I'd speculate that the reason why this has been the case, even though thoughts are constant for me, is the fear of being judged unworthy to write, unworthy to be heard.

We'll find out, I guess.


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